We are a Mother and Son duo from Melbourne, Australia.

Scents have always fascinated us - in particular, their ability to trigger nostalgia and create unique, subjective meaning.  What one scent triggers in one person is often completely different to what it may trigger in another. 

To Person A, the smell of fresh ground coffee immediately evokes thoughts of their 7am pre-work ritual at their favourite café near the train station.  For Person B, coffee takes them back to their first date and reminds them of the cappuccino moustache they accidentally gave themselves while trying to impress their partner.  Person C doesn’t even like coffee, but the smell of it serves as a fond reminder of his Mother who loved it dearly.

Such is the power of smell.

Our brand has taken inspiration from our Greek heritage but also from having grown up and lived in Melbourne.  It is this balance that helps us design products that blur the lines between classical antiquity and contemporary minimalism.