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[The eye of Greece, mother of arts and eloquence]

"I think that Athens lies beyond good and evil, beyond beauty and ugliness.  I don't think cities are supposed to be beautiful anyway; I think they are supposed to be interesting.  They're supposed to be alive.  Athens is definitely alive." Afroditi Panagiotakou.  

Our ATHENS accord immortalises the juxtaposition of ancient and contemporary - a graceful clash of historical charm and renewed creative energy.  It is an ode to the city's resilience and recent rise.

The fragrance is based on a walk through Plaka - an Athenian neighbourhood that sits beneath the shadows of the Acropolis and its ancient temples.  What one notices in Athens is that the sun sets differently.  Hazy purple and pink hues adorn the Athenian summer sky, painting it the most vibrant of violets.  The warm summer air is sweetened by hints of jasmine and night elm as people water and tend to their gardens in the evening.  Livani grounds the accord - a final nod to the city's sacred Byzantine history and culture.

Top //   Olive oil, orange peel, thyme  

Mid //   Jasmine, night elm, white flower

Base //  Musk, livani, vanilla

200ml of fragrant diffuser oil.  Includes 10 dacron fibre reeds to enhance scent throw.



- Open glass bottle and place all the reeds in the bottle such that the bottom of the reeds sit in the fragrance oil - the more reeds, the more scent throw;
- Place the diffuser on one of our TILES or MARBLE PIECES to protect your surfaces in case of spillage;
- Due to the quality of our fragrance blend and reeds, you do not need to turn the reeds over to ensure a consistent flow of scent;
- Up to 3 months scent throw;
- Air conditioning, heating, humidity and draughts can of course impact the longevity of your fragrance oil;
- The fragrance blend will oxidise after the bottle has been opened; and
- The solution interacts with oxygen which can affect colour, but not the quality of the fragrance or longevity of fragrance.



Failure to follow instructions could result in fire, hazard or injury.

- Keep diffuser and reeds away from flames and out of reach of children and animals;  
- Keep diffuser and reeds away from things that can catch fire;
- Always place on a tray;
- Do not put reeds on a fragile or varnished surface;
- Spills should be cleaned up immediately as staining or stripping of finishes may occur;
- Avoid contact with eyes and skin; 
- Do not ingest fragrance;
- Keep away from naked flame or heat at all times; and
- In case of accidental consumption, please contact Poisons Information Centre on 13 11 26.